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SERIE P-ALERT. Non-Contact High Voltage Detector

Product code: P-ALERT

P-ALERT is a sensor for sensing AC High Voltage.

It provides electric engineering personnel, power engineering personnel, firefighting personnel and instrument equipement workers with prominent warning when approaching high voltage and for taking necessary safety action, preventing illusion and misjudgment which could lead to electric shock to person.
When a person wearing P-ALERT is approaching high voltage source or equipment, the sensor will detect automatically and buzzer will generate a "BiP-BiP" short for warning and LED will give flashlight to remind operators that the user is approaching a high voltage and special attention shall be given to the safety of operations.

● Compact, easy-to-wear and convenient to use.
● Waterproof.
● Indoor and outdoor use.
● Equipped with self-testing functions.
● Sound and flashlight warning of different frequencies varied positively with sensed voltages.
● Able to sense all kinds of AC high voltage system.
● Low power consumption.