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TYRCO S.A. is a young Argentinean company founded by managers with over 20 years experience in the electricity market, whose mission is to meet the demand of products, solutions and services in the field of electrical safety.

The company is dedicated to manufacturing and selling a wide range of products for low, medium and high voltage, among which are the hot sticks, temporary grounding equipment, voltage detectors, insulating and all kinds of accessories and developments on users request.
In TYRCO we merge the old essence of Argentinean SMEs with the highest standards of quality and service of the best multinationals in the world, offering products of high quality, with delivery times, prices and responses consistent to our customers’ needs.
For us "our customer is the most important thing", so in TYRCO you will always find an efficient, professional and personalized answer.


Pablo Raffa graduated as a Certified Public Accountant and Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina)). He also graduated as an MBA (Master in Business Administration) at the University Torcuato Di Tella.
He served for 20 years with the firm LIAT S.A., as a Commercial Manager, Export Manager, and Finance & Administrative Director.

Mariano Terzi graduated as Electronic Engineer at ITBA (Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires, Argentina). He also graduated as an MBA (Master in Business Administration) at the University of CEMA.
He served for 22 years with the firm LIAT SA, as a Commercial Manager, Technical Manager and Technic & Commercial Director.
He is an active member in Argentine Electrotechnical Association (AEA) and the Argentine Committee of the CIER (CACIER), also participating in International Congresses as papers redactor.